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Hairstyling mistakes to avoid on your wedding day

November 07, 2016


Don’t pick a hairstyle randomly, consult a stylist and don’t go overboard with hair accessories on your wedding day, says an expert.


Meha Bhargava, CEO, Styl.Inc Image consulting, points out hairstyling mistakes to avoid on your wedding day:


► Knowing everything about your hair is the first thing you need to keep in mind while choosing the right hairstyle for the big day. Do not choose the style randomly just because your favourite actress wore the same hairstyle on her wedding. Know the length and texture of your hair.


► You should always speak to the stylist about the hairstyle that would complement your facial structure and try it out to see how it looks on you. He or she is a professional who knows everything about hair and can help you to achieve your desired look.


► It is good to get a haircut before the day of the wedding, as it will allow your hair to settle by the wedding day. But be sure to do this at least a few weeks before. Getting a haircut too close to the big day allows time for you and your stylist to get used to the new cut.


► Picking a simple hairstyle for the wedding is always a good choice. Go with the accessories that complement your dress. Remember: if you plan on using fresh flowers, make sure they stay fresh.


► Styling products are designed to enhance and hold your hairstyle. Overusing of such products could lead to sticky and crunchy hair. And no one likes to have such hair on the wedding day.


► Using shampoo and hair conditioner on your wedding day is a big no. The shampoo and conditioner make hair soft and silky, making it difficult to style and stay in place.


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